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Sunday Apr 12, 2020

Continuing our series with Team Wildlife Generation - Kent Ross - shares with insights as to how he prepares for races both on and off the bike. In doing such, Kent shares with us stories about his upbringing and how he stumbled into the world of professional cycling. Also, Kent provides a very interesting perspective to how he mentally prepares himself for the adversity he faces each race.
Kent takes the time to share insight to the better understanding of performance titration, as it revolves around training. This interview provides an in-depth perspective to how one's mental strength collaborates with our individual mindset. The power of this interaction can be "limitless" ...
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Sunday Apr 05, 2020

This interview reveals the behind the scenes life of yet another incredible professional athlete, who like several others we've talked with was an incredible "multi-sport" athlete. Colby Lange shares with us, his upbringing and early life experiences living in a dynamic home that was filled with influences of some of the greatest downhill skiers in American history! In doing such, he shares with our listeners how these early life experiences provided him such incredible "Life Lessons". These "Life Lessons" helped shape the person Colby is today. Moreso - these experiences helped Colby form the professional perspective he embodies!
Colby shares with us, incredible perspective on "Life" and more importantly "The Balance of Life". He provides us with deep insight into how his experiences with some of the most elite athletes in world helped him develop the mindset that has allowed him to "unpack" frustration! ... He shares with our listeners a deep sense of being able to keep things in perspective ... "The result isn't going to validate things ...it's the relationships that you develop along the way that matter ..."
Being able to embody such a strong sense of calm within chaos is what makes Colby "The Chief ..."
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Wednesday Apr 01, 2020

Today we continue our series with the elite athletes of Team Wildlife Generation, where we have the chance to meet the "Young Gun" on their team ... Ryan Jastrab. This episode reveals some of the very interesting and unique elements that comprise this young elite rider, while once again revealing how every Pro is "more" than the athlete we see in competition! This episode reveals personal insights as well as a glimpse of fire that burns within him to compete.
Ryan shares with us his pre-race regimen that allows him to control his emotions and reserve, what would normally be "nervous energy". He opens up with us about his unique interests in engineering and how he has taken that inquisitiveness and transferred it to his bike and racing! We will also learn how this rider's inner engineering talents may one day lead him to "$ Millions" ...
One the best elements of this interview is the feeling you get just from hearing this young athlete share his life with us. You can feel his smile, as he speaks, and you can sense the kindness that exists within him.
Don't forget to check-out his Instagram page.
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Saturday Mar 28, 2020

This interview provides a great perspective on much more than cycling! Cormac Mcgeough (procouced Mc-Yeo ...) provides an incredible amount of insight as to how he keeps life and racing in healthy perspective. Like many of the guys on the team (Team Wildlife Generation), Cormac has a jovial heart and personality to match. The abundance of "openness" and "easy-going-ness" he provides is enough to make you "WANT" to cheer for this guy!
Throughout the conversation, Cormac shares what it's like to live in Washington State, and how fortunate he was to be introduced into the world of cycling. During this exchange, he provides a deep sense of gratitude to the Fort Lewis Collegiate Cycling team and coach that provided him with not only an opportunity to ride, the encouragement and support to persevere. He discusses some intimate family stories as well as deep appreciation for his entire family's perspective on life. In doing such, we both share an odd similarity, that we have in common, which was grown within us both as children ... thanks to our parents.
With regards to racing, he shares insights and perspective to racing and life. He shares with us, his incredible ability to put forth BOTH the competitive "monster" of a professional athlete, while also balancing a "Budah-like" sense of calm - both in racing and in life. It's this sense of balance that make Cormac an incredible athlete and person as a whole.
We hope you enjoy this interview.
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Thursday Mar 26, 2020

Today's Episode, sheds light upon the power of inspiration and support athletes can receive from their family. It's a deep and open conversation with one of the star athletes on Team Wildlife Generation.
Maxx Chance is charismatic athlete who has an incredible ability to provide a unique perspective the importance of mental preparation, the importance of saying "Yes" to more things in life, while also explaining how his mother has always been as source of calm and support for the pursuit of his athletic aspirations. It's this source of support, combined with a deep appreciation for pursuing a passion that has helped "fuel" Maxx's drive to chase his athletic dreams.
Maxx shares how he is able to create balance in his life as a professional cyclist.
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Tuesday Mar 17, 2020

This is an incredible interview with the "Bo Jackson" of the National Hockey League. The first NHL player to go pro in two sports at once! As amazing of an athlete is ... he is even more of an amazing human being! Clint shares with us the story of his famous career, the "accident" that scared the world and almost cost him his life, his battles with addiction, his life-long struggles with mental illness, and now the AMAZING work he is doing as a guest speaker and author. Clint shares with all those he comes into contact with the journey he calls "Life"!
Clint Malarchuk played 11 season in the NHL and won more games than he lost. But his true achievements in life have come from his incredible acts of resilience and how he has been able to inspire so many people, simply by sharing his story. Talking to Clint, is like "Chicken Soup" for the Soul. His life journey is one that Academy Award winning movies are based upon.
For all of listeners - check-our Clint's Ted Talks, Presentations, and Books (The Crazy Game and A Matter of Inches). Each of these provide an incredible look into Clint Malarchuk's life, while also uplifting one's soul (www.Malarchuk.com). Today, Clint spends much of his time sharing his story and trying to help inspire others who are dealing with some form of mental illness.
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Friday Dec 13, 2019

Nic Vaughan is a Big Wave Surfer, who competed in the World Surf League. His accolades are both impressive and extreme! This incredible interview, took some time to coordinate ... But it was totally worth the wait! Nic shares with us, stories about some of his most horrifying experiences, as he traveled all over the Planet hunting for the "Biggest and Best" Waves!!! From Jaws to Mavericks, he has conquered things that many of us could never imagine facing. Nic shares his insights to over-coming fear and battling your emotions during some of the scariest of moments. His insights and stories are incredible. But what makes his stories so incredible is you have to imagine how "Death Defying". The idea of taking on waves that could crumble buildings, while avoiding being drowned, or attacked by sharks, all while trying to avoid being shredded by coral and reef is enough to make one truly stand-back and watch Nic's videos in complete "Awe" ... Truly, his extreme sport is one that commands attention and respect. Unlike many other sports ... if things go wrong ... there are "No" re-dos!!!
We hope you enjoy today's Pod with Nic.
To Nic ... "You're the Man" buddy!!!!
Some great things to checkout regarding Nic, can be found on www.NicVaughan.com or on YouTube. Make sure to check-out "Maiden Voyage"
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Friday Nov 08, 2019

This is interview covers the broad range of people and topics that HeadSet strives to connect with. This former elite level athlete, is now an an elite level coach with the Medicine Hat Tigers of the WHL, a business entrepreneur, and an accomplished artist. You an check his work out on Instagram - @ETEMERSON .
Hear how this former NHLer overcame various obstacles placed before him. Learn about how his parents (mother) engrained within him an early understanding of the importance behind goal setting, as well as providing him with an incredibly supportive environment that many can only dream of having.
A very interesting story ...
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Thursday Oct 31, 2019

Eric Condra - NHL /AHL player shares insights and stories regarding his career.
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