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HeadSet Sports - Episode 8 - Interview with Colby Lange - Team Wildlife Generation - “The Chief” talks to us about “The Balance of Life …”

April 5, 2020

This interview reveals the behind the scenes life of yet another incredible professional athlete, who like several others we've talked with was an incredible "multi-sport" athlete. Colby Lange shares with us, his upbringing and early life experiences living in a dynamic home that was filled with influences of some of the greatest downhill skiers in American history! In doing such, he shares with our listeners how these early life experiences provided him such incredible "Life Lessons". These "Life Lessons" helped shape the person Colby is today. Moreso - these experiences helped Colby form the professional perspective he embodies!

Colby shares with us, incredible perspective on "Life" and more importantly "The Balance of Life". He provides us with deep insight into how his experiences with some of the most elite athletes in world helped him develop the mindset that has allowed him to "unpack" frustration! ... He shares with our listeners a deep sense of being able to keep things in perspective ... "The result isn't going to validate things ...it's the relationships that you develop along the way that matter ..."

Being able to embody such a strong sense of calm within chaos is what makes Colby "The Chief ..."



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