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HeadSet Sports - Episode 3 - Nic Vaughan - “The Apex Moment …”

December 13, 2019

Nic Vaughan is a Big Wave Surfer, who competed in the World Surf League. His accolades are both impressive and extreme! This incredible interview, took some time to coordinate ... But it was totally worth the wait! Nic shares with us, stories about some of his most horrifying experiences, as he traveled all over the Planet hunting for the "Biggest and Best" Waves!!! From Jaws to Mavericks, he has conquered things that many of us could never imagine facing. Nic shares his insights to over-coming fear and battling your emotions during some of the scariest of moments. His insights and stories are incredible. But what makes his stories so incredible is you have to imagine how "Death Defying". The idea of taking on waves that could crumble buildings, while avoiding being drowned, or attacked by sharks, all while trying to avoid being shredded by coral and reef is enough to make one truly stand-back and watch Nic's videos in complete "Awe" ... Truly, his extreme sport is one that commands attention and respect. Unlike many other sports ... if things go wrong ... there are "No" re-dos!!!

We hope you enjoy today's Pod with Nic.

To Nic ... "You're the Man" buddy!!!!

Some great things to checkout regarding Nic, can be found on www.NicVaughan.com or on YouTube. Make sure to check-out "Maiden Voyage"


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