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HeadSet Sports - Episode 6 - Interview with Cormac Mcgeough - Team Wildlife Generation - “Don’t let the little things stress you out …”

March 28, 2020

This interview provides a great perspective on much more than cycling! Cormac Mcgeough (procouced Mc-Yeo ...) provides an incredible amount of insight as to how he keeps life and racing in healthy perspective. Like many of the guys on the team (Team Wildlife Generation), Cormac has a jovial heart and personality to match. The abundance of "openness" and "easy-going-ness" he provides is enough to make you "WANT" to cheer for this guy!

Throughout the conversation, Cormac shares what it's like to live in Washington State, and how fortunate he was to be introduced into the world of cycling. During this exchange, he provides a deep sense of gratitude to the Fort Lewis Collegiate Cycling team and coach that provided him with not only an opportunity to ride, the encouragement and support to persevere. He discusses some intimate family stories as well as deep appreciation for his entire family's perspective on life. In doing such, we both share an odd similarity, that we have in common, which was grown within us both as children ... thanks to our parents.

With regards to racing, he shares insights and perspective to racing and life. He shares with us, his incredible ability to put forth BOTH the competitive "monster" of a professional athlete, while also balancing a "Budah-like" sense of calm - both in racing and in life. It's this sense of balance that make Cormac an incredible athlete and person as a whole.

We hope you enjoy this interview.



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