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HeadSet Sports - Episode 5 - Interview with Maxx Chance - Team Wildlife Generation - “Thanks for Everything Mom … Thanks for helping me with my “Wha…

March 26, 2020

Today's Episode, sheds light upon the power of inspiration and support athletes can receive from their family. It's a deep and open conversation with one of the star athletes on Team Wildlife Generation.

Maxx Chance is charismatic athlete who has an incredible ability to provide a unique perspective the importance of mental preparation, the importance of saying "Yes" to more things in life, while also explaining how his mother has always been as source of calm and support for the pursuit of his athletic aspirations. It's this source of support, combined with a deep appreciation for pursuing a passion that has helped "fuel" Maxx's drive to chase his athletic dreams.

Maxx shares how he is able to create balance in his life as a professional cyclist.



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