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HeadSet Sports - Episode 7 - Interview with Ryan Jastrab - Team Wildlife Generation - “The Gramp …”

April 1, 2020

Today we continue our series with the elite athletes of Team Wildlife Generation, where we have the chance to meet the "Young Gun" on their team ... Ryan Jastrab. This episode reveals some of the very interesting and unique elements that comprise this young elite rider, while once again revealing how every Pro is "more" than the athlete we see in competition! This episode reveals personal insights as well as a glimpse of fire that burns within him to compete.

Ryan shares with us his pre-race regimen that allows him to control his emotions and reserve, what would normally be "nervous energy". He opens up with us about his unique interests in engineering and how he has taken that inquisitiveness and transferred it to his bike and racing! We will also learn how this rider's inner engineering talents may one day lead him to "$ Millions" ...

One the best elements of this interview is the feeling you get just from hearing this young athlete share his life with us. You can feel his smile, as he speaks, and you can sense the kindness that exists within him.

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